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Mah M0Nk3y Application XD!!!


1. Tu nombre:Kriss the ORANGE Queen >:D
2. Cuantos anos tienes?:15 (16 in sept)
3. ¿tu tienes las palomitas?: no,perro mi mono does :D!
4. do you like peepees, vaginees, or both? ._. ... *peep*....
5. From where do you hail, young sailor? oi young maity, I be from RI arrrrgh XD
6. What is your mother’s maiden name? Fortirezzo (sounds like a car lol)
7. What is the capital of Chile? santiago? is that right?
8. What is your favourite band? mmm All American Rejects, do to the fact that I am one too :D! (but I like them cause they are good)
9. What is your seventh favourite band? Nickleback
10. Do you like movies? Which ones? YESH!! HOOOOORRRROOOOORRRR!!!!! and LOTR types too
11. Do you know how to read? yes I can. My mother goose doll taught me :D
23. Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro…can you tie ‘em in a knot, can you tie ‘em in a bow…can you swing ‘em over your shoulder like a continental soldier…do your ears hang low? they do not wobble to and fro, but I can make them wiggle as I go (or is that the same thing as wobble to and fro?)
97. Can you fit your fist in your mouth? yes I can!
14. If you woke up next to a human-sized potato, what would you do? I would carve it into a circle and paint it orange and I shall call it Orange for it shall be my orange :D

1. Feet are just another part of the human body for people to judge
2. 1337 speak? I have no monkey clue ._O
3. llamas are cute and cuddly and fun to watch eating lol
4. abstinence mmmmm...ORANGES!! >D *runs away with my orange monkey*
5. porn .... ._. *peep* is against my beliefs!! >:O

If you don’t know how, you’re stupid so look it up.

me and kris10! ( spongebobzangel  )

 this is why my username is x_uglyxgirl_x  lol

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